イラストレーター 和田誠(わだまこと)Makoto Wada について


Makoto Wada

Illustrator, Graphic Designer. Born in 1936. The work has spanned illustration, book design, children books, film, animation, songwriting, essays, Japanese haiku, and exhibitions, numerous works have been produced and continue to be produced up to the present day. Has written more than 200 books including “You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Yet”, “Posterland”, “I’ve Head that Song Before”, “Wada Makoto Department store”, “3D”, “Full of Adventures” and others.

Awards : Japan Advertising Artists Club Prize / Mainichi Film Award(1964) / Bunshun Cartoon Prize(1969) / Kodansha Publication Culture Prize(1974) / Kodansha Publication Culture Prize(1981) / Kadokawa Japan Non-fiction Prize(1982) / Houchi Film Emerging Director Prize(1984) / Blue Ribbon Prize(1992) / Kodansha Essay Prize(1993) / Kikuchi Kan Prize(1994) / Mainichi Exhibition Prize(1997) / Japan Children book Prize(1998) / Japan Advertising Award Yamana Prize(2000) / Hall of Fame Prize at the Tokyo Book Jacket Illustration Competition(2013) / Lifetime Achievement Award(2015).